New Game- Evrythg n txt.


How often do you use this in real life?

  1. All the time

  2. Once in a while

  3. Rarely

  4. Never

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. K tPF'ers all in txt. IDK make sumting up. Wanna see WYG! :woohoo:
    BBL to ck.
  2. Aw, No one wants to play my game. VS
  3. DP, sorry
  4. Omg! Lol!
  5. LOL! I voted never. Well I know some txt lingo which I only use in texts or emails to friends. Or some here on the forum, but never in real life. So I could try this game but can barely understand most of it. Here's goes anyway:

    IDK wt2 say! Hlp me out OP!
  6. LOL LI (laughing out loud, love it---just to help you out haha)
  7. Lol.


    omg, u r so funny

    every1 is so funny
  9. When I write notes I sometimes leave out the vowels, becasue it's quicker I hardly ever use txt lOLs on internet either, so I voted never.
  10. never, that's too tough for me :roflmfao:.
  11. omg this is funny. have a good day, m8s!
  12. Never! I don't understand half of them!

    Just confuses Emma:shrugs:

  13. Rarely - makes me think too much! lol

    omg - this is snf!
  14. I can do txt lingo LOL
  15. L8tr I'm gonna ordr pza and itllB TDF LOL