New Fuschia Denim Speedy

  1. So DH and I went to LV to authenticate my cerises and eyed the fuschia speedy. It was so pretty! :heart: I wanted it but passed since the SA's weren't too helpful and because I told myself I already have a bright pink purse. Then towards the end of our mall round, we went into Saks Fifth and looked at the denim speedy again. The SA said she would go with the colored ones since they will be discontinued soon. So....I went ahead and got one! I do like the bag and I have 14 days to return if I change my mind.
  2. Here's a pic!
    124_2439 (2).JPG
  3. Congrats on your cute speedy! I've been eyeing one too but can't set my mind on it. It looks so good on you!
  4. Whoa girl:yes: So, which one are you using now?????

  5. Ohhh:yes: .

    Enjoy this bag. Its so cute. This bag is on my "to buy" list. :love:
  6. :heart: its beautiful! i really like this colour! and it suits your outfit that you're wearing in the pic! congrats!
  7. congrats! it's very cute.
  8. Congrats, im glad you decided to get it, it looks great on you! :biggrin::yes:
  9. Definately a keeper!
  10. Very cute! Perfect summer bag :smile:
  11. Lookin' good girl :heart:3 I thought the name for this bag was something else though. . .? Not sure. Congratulations USC!
  12. I Love This Bag ~ My Favorite In The Denim Line! Enjoy!
  13. Oh, how cute. congrats!
  14. very nice. congrats!
  15. If I were you, I wouldn't change my mind:yes:. It's so pretty!
    Did SA say how long will colored denim still be available??