New Frye's got water stain despite Apple Garde & Apple Conditioner

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  1. Nordstrom & it did darken the leather but didn't hide the stain.
  2. I wonder if FRYEs has a customer service number to ask for advice. I know they have a facebook page and i have seen them answer questions.... worth a shot.
  3. i used kiwi polished leather, so it is basically does the same thing. Thanks!
  4. I know this thread is old but the water spot thing goes on. I picked up a pair of Paulina short boots at TJMaxx, color is bone, but they look light grey to me. The first day I walked around the house trying them out, forgot I had on untreated, new boots and stepped outside in the grass to get the mail. They looked worse than any of the pics above, I would go with the drunk in the bar look.

    I let them sit for a few weeks hoping the spots would fade, nope. So, I tried my "go-to for almost everything leather" conditioner, Lexol. The leather seemed so dry, it just soaked up every spot the spray hit, nothing left to spread around. I basiscally saturated the entire boot with it, then saturated a soft cloth and rubbed everywhere, then let them dry. The boots darkened just slightly, but look better than when new. No water spots.

    I've had a 16 oz bottle of the conditioner for about 5 years. I have the cleaner as well, but I find the conditioner does a great job of cleaning so I use it most often, shoes, most of my bags, my car seats, etc.
  5. I’ve worn these boots a few times since I posted, but thought I’d update if anyone else has this issue. Pouring rain today, wore the boots anyway. Any water on them dried quickly, no residual water spots. Haven’t used the conditioner since my July post. I love Lexol.
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