New Frye's got water stain despite Apple Garde & Apple Conditioner

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  1. I bought a new pair of Frye Carson shortie's in burnt red & conditioned them with Apple conditioner instead of the Frye conditioner because the Frye turns them darker. I then sprayed 2 coats of Apple Garde Rain & Stain repellant, allowing each coat to dry. Tonight I wore them for the second time. It isn't even raining but I think my doormat was dewy. When I wiped my feet I got water spots on the boots. I rubbed them with my fingers & it has been about 2 hours & they haven't dried out. They are tiny but it is still frustrating. Now I'm worried about all my purses I thought were protected with these products and upset about my boots. It won't work to apply the Frye conditioner now. It will make my boots darker but it won't get rid of the stain because I already stained my tan Frye Carson then applied the Frye conditioner hoping to hide the stain but it didn't.

    Anyone got any ideas?
  2. The only thing I can think of is to take them to a cobbler. Seems weird that happened to you -- I've gotten water spots on my Fryes that dry right up, even without being treated!
  3. It depends on the leather & the color. I've read about it before & it's happened to me before so I treated them this time. I guess I'm going to have to use the Frye conditioner & accept them getting darker so at least they will be darker all over instead of in spots. The existing spots wont blend in though because I've been through this before. It's been 12 hours now & they are still there. Tiny but annoying to me. I don't know if the Frye conditioner will be able to soak through the apple garde rain & stain repellant but I guess if the water did it might. I'm really worried about my purses now, especially my Coach Classic Patricia in British Tan. The Coachies love apple garde though.
  4. Hell If I can only wear boots in the Summer what do I wear all winter? Only my black ones. Boring. And it doesn't have to be wet weather for it to happen. I got the spot on the tan ones from washing my hands the first day I wore them.

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  5. no offense intended but aren't Frye boots kind of a rustic/boho kind of look so that marks and spots aren't really that disastrous?
  6. Scuffs are one thing but water spots look like I'm a drunk who spills drinks on myself or a guy who drips pee on his feet.
  7. Oh, OK
  8. I have top one, Carson boots, and I don't know what to do with the stains. I got into rain once and tried to clean them without any success. Advice?
  9. here is the pic

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  10. I litterally just laughed!!!1
  11. This is the kind of stain where you can fight water with water.

    Take a clean white cloth, wet it with room temperature water, then squeeze it out. Use the damp cloth to apply water to the whole stain and beyond, leaving less water as you move away from the stain. The ring should become weaker, and you can gently stroke and blot the area to distribute the color fairly evenly.

    Let it dry, (repeat if you want to work on it more), and apply conditioner once you're satisfied with the results.

    I once took out a very noticeable water stain from a deerskin bag this way. I can barely perceive it now, even examining the area where I know it existed.

    Hopefully this method can work for you. Good luck!
  12. Ive used the same method above too on a purse. I also took a hair dryer and lightly dried worked!
  13. Thank you!
  14. I can't offer any but it looks like others have. Let me know if it works for you. I'm not sure if it is too late for me as I have treated over the stain on my tan ones with frye conditioner so I may have sealed the stain in & prevent the water trick from working.
  15. where did you buy Frye's conditioner? I looked around and could not find any. Thanks!
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