*New From the Drilldown*

  1. 10010.jpg
  2. thats not new... and its not suede.. its tie dye! its a shoulder tote i beleive
  3. It's a really pretty bag from last summer.. they had a few at the San Marcos outlet awhile back. I'm sure you can get one on eBay...it's the tie dye sig fabric and metaillic..really pretty..
  4. Aren't there like 2 drilldown threads already?:confused1:
  5. yeah, those are at the outlets now, and a few on eBay. prices are not too bad. not suede but the jacquered fabric with a glittery look. i wish i had gotten the brown one for myself but when i went back 2 hours later, they were gone.
  6. Seen em at the outlets.
  7. Jen, it's the tie dye tote....check for it on eBay! It's GORGEOUS!!!!!! I have seen it on there!
  8. I have this bag but in the color that 98CLChick posted. I love it. I think it is from last summer. I got it at an outlet in California. I love it and am carrying it this summer 2!
  9. I have the one in the second post, but in the gold & white.. I love it. I got it last summer from the outlet in Myrtle Beach, SC.