New from Mulberry store versus Shepton . . .

  1. I just got a new oak Bayswater from the Mulberry store in California and have been comparing it to the black one I bought on eBay last fall. The seller of the black one said she got it at the Shepton Mallet outlet. Just wanted to pass on observations as I would have welcomed same a few days ago when I was bidding (unsuccessfully) on an oak BW and ultimately decided to buy new.

    Both have identical hardware, size, weight, tags (Made in England) locks and keys. When I bought the oak the other day I specifically asked for one MiE. The NY store said some were from Turkey, some from England. California said they're all from England.

    The oak is a tiny bit more butterscotch-orange than I expected. On first unpacking it I had the impression it is just a tiny bit lighter in weight than the black. The leather seems more matte, more refined, a little less meaty than the black. When I had called up the SA to order it she asked if I wanted one with a lot of grain or less grain. I chose a lot of grain and then was a little apprehensive but it is beautiful and if anything the grain is less apparent than the black. The leather seems just a bit more refined and less heavy than the black. I appreciated having the choice of more or less grain and certainly glad I got what I got.

    In summary, I would not be at all hesitant about buying a Bayswater on eBay that had come from the factory and -- this is just speculation -- am wondering if the older ones were a tiny bit more meaty/weighty than the new ones. On the other hand, I was tired of the eBay hassle. A nice new or slightly used Bayswater is now going for upwards of $500 and many are bid even higher. Even beat up they are fetching $400. I don't plan to buy another bag for a long time (yeah right) but in future I think I will probably just go for new. Scrimp elsewhere.

    Any other experiences like this? Comparsons?

    PS, some have commented on the pictures of Kate Moss carrying a black BW and we've all noted Scarlett with the Roxanne. Did you see Breaking and Entering? Robin Wright Penn carries an oak Bayswater. I can't claim not to have been smitten . . . .
  2. I've been buying Mulberry from the UK factory shop for years. What I love is that you often find bags and purses that were lines that were tried out but never put into mainstream manufacture.
    Some of my bags have technically been seconds but you'd be hard pressed to spot the fault. Often it's been a tiny scratch on the hardware.
    I'm a great factory shop fan. At least I know they're genuine Mulberry bags unlike taking a chance on ebay!