New from BalNY: Vert Deau Day (finally!)

  1. I took off work 5 hours early just to see this baby into her new home sweet home .:supacool:

    (White Box will be welcomed later today, pics of her to come soon.)

    My desire for the perfect seagreen has been quenched...

    I first ordered a Twiggy from aloharag, and it was perfect leather but had another fatal flaw: mis-stitched! Then I exchanged it for another, but this one's leather wasn't up to par so she went back.

    Now, NOW I have this jem and I couldn't be happier.

    Party time, excellent.
    DSC00317.JPG DSC00318.JPG
  2. soo pretty in this color! congrats!
  3. :drinks: Now we have twins since my Vert D'eau day is from balNY too....
  4. ^^ Sure do! I can't stop looking at mine.

    Can you stop looking at yours?
  5. So pretty and so perfect for spring! Great choice!
  6. I just tried it on again. I am about to start using it shortly.:heart:
  7. pretty! congrats
  8. YAY!!! We both received our babies today! I love it in a day!
  9. What a wonderful spring color! And the Day is really growing on me. Congrats!!
  10. ^^Thnx.

    You should grab one up. Terry at BalNY helped me pick this one out, and she says that there are two more in this color left.
  11. gorgeous! ENJOY! CONGRATS!
  12. Congrats on such a beautiful bag with amazing leather! That charm is so pretty too.
  13. W O W that bag is seriously GORGEOUS. That's a real WOW bag.:heart: The leather and color are gorgeous. I wish I wore colors that would match this but I have nothing to go with it and I know it would sit in the closet but I adore looking at everyone's Verts.
  14. LMAO! :supacool: Congrats on your new baby!
  15. very nice. congrats!