New Friend


Sep 1, 2006
Hi, this is my first time in this forum. I have read the various threads for a time.and would apreciate your expert advice. A golden retreiver puppy will be moving in with us on Tuesday. What are your suggestions for the best puppy food and best way to raise a happy puppy. Thank You


Aug 26, 2006
For food, why not keep giving the puppy what he/she has been eating (unless weaning has just occurred) and gradually switch to something else. Can you ask your vet what they recommend? Puppies need to eat more often, but I haven't had a puppy in a long time (we adopt older dogs). Learn what foods are dangerous to dogs (chocolate, onion, grapes/raisins plus some others).

There's probably too much to post. There are lots of books on raising happy, healthy dogs. It would be good to have one that has a first aid chapter.

Personally I would say lots of love, consistency in training so the dog knows what to expect. Most areas have puppy training classes for basic obedience. It's surprising what even real young ones can learn. There may be a minimum age though.

Good luch and congratulations!


Jul 5, 2007
Our golden had diarrhea whenever she ate dog food with lamb in it. You should ask the person you are getting the puppy from if they know if she's allergic to anything. Otherwise, the best thing is to ask a vet as boxermom said. Goldens are sooo loving and love attention. Mines think she is still a puppy! Lots of exercise too! Also put away things that you don't want to get chewed. Our golden chewed up TONS of my shoes! Maybe consider doggie training classes. Please post pics, I'd love to see your new baby!
Sep 7, 2008
Spend time with him or her. Be aware there's a lot of time and commitment involved in dog ownership. Quality time and training is essential. Definitely go to dog training classes, as a well behaved and well trained dog is a happy dog. In the meantime, there should be plenty of Websites to give you useful tips on how to get the best out of your puppy and how your puppy can get the best out of you.
Good luck and enjoy your new friend, and please post pics when you get him or her home.


will work for shoes
Dec 16, 2005
Congrats on your new pup!

I have 3 labs so here are my suggestions:

1 - puppies need exercise - frisbee/ball/etc
2 - chew toys are a must - your pup will let you know what kind of chewer he is, I love the soft stuffies, but my dogs destroy them - so I only buy the big chews for serious chewers by Nylabone - these are the best chew toys I have found.
3 - find a great, trust-worthy veterinarian ASAP
4 - give lots of love and hugs (don't be surprised if the little guy whines at first at night this will pass.)
5 - crate train your pup - this will help create boundaries and prevent accidents in the house
6 - start potty-training from day ONE - and please be patient, he doesn't understand why it is bad to pee/pooh in the house until you show him (over and over) where to go potty and how to ask.
7 - it is okay to buy a puppy for dummies book - I did, LOL.

And last but not least - ask questions here in the animal forum - there are lots of dog lovers on here!!!!


Oct 23, 2007
I have a golden so here are my tips:

1. BUY Chew toys ASAP!!! My golden went through a long chewing phase and it wasnt until we made sure you constantly had something in front of her to chew that she stopped. yeah, the spray stuff they sell at stores to prevent them from chewing on doesnt work. They just want to lick it more.

2. Tons of attention and love

3. Exercise!! I hope you did some research into this particular animal breed because they get pretty narcotic if they dont get enough exercise. They love to run, be chased, chase the ball.

4. They do whine the first night. It does stop. I remember mine kept whining because we had her in a little secluded area because we hadnt potty trained her and she just kept whining. So, I could take it anymore and picked her up and took her to bed with me only to have her jump down two minutes later and go back to the very same spot she was before...???

5. They get really lonely when your not around. I have heard from my vet that goldens are notorious when it comes to this and they even get hotspots because of it. I felt so guilty I got her a pet, lol, a cocker spaniel. So now I have two?

6. They are great dogs! Enjoy and watch out for that tail when she gets bigger. Oh yeah, thats another thing, train them while they are young because when your puppy gets big....Lets just say she'll be taking you on a walk instead of the other way around! Enjoy and give her hugs for me!!


Sep 1, 2006
Thank you all for your wise imformation. What a wonderful group you are. We decided not to get the puppy. We are having some work done on the house and don't this this is the best time for a new furry friend. This will be best for the puppy and thank heavens we had not seen it or would be gonners for it. We have had many dogs but they were all strays and not puppies so never have raised one before. Later when things are settled will do it then and probably go to spca. We have but one cat now, our Babe is almost 13 He friend, Kitkit left us on May 22. He as 15 and the sweetest little boy, really miss him. Babe is adjusting now without him. Thanks for you assistance and letting me ramble. Love this forum.