New friend for other spy arrived.

  1. Not sure of it to start with but now I have not stopped wearing it since..... Chocco has a sister now!
  2. Gorgeous!! :love:
  3. Thanks Greendry - do you have this one too? I know you have a few spys don't you?
  4. Oh wow.

    or as Janice from friends would say "OH......MY.....GOD!!!!!"

    Sam, this spy is amazing.

    You lucky girl, its gorgeous :biggrin:
  5. Simply GORGEOUS!!! LOVE it in white!!!:love: Wear it in good health!:flowers:
  6. Wow!!!!! That Spy is just...soo beautiful. Lucky girl! enjoy it!
  7. Love it! Congrats!
  8. A BIG congrats to you! :yahoo: IMO you just bought the most gorgeous Spy there is!:love:
  9. That is TDF!!! Congrats
  10. Wow I love her!! Chocco is lucky to have her as a sister! Congrats Sam!
  11. I love white spys, congrats on yours!!!
  12. THanks everyone

    Icechick it was your picture last week that swung it for me - that made my decision - thanks I'm glad I went for it.
  13. So glad I could help :flowers:
  14. congratulations! Its a beauty!
  15. Gorgeous!! Love the white spy!!

    Congrats and enjoy!!
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