New french blue mini-bowling pics.

  1. I had decided a french blue city was too bright for me earlier this year. But I kept going back to see a french blue mini-bowling at Gretta Luxe and thought it looked so great in this compact style. I think I was craving something brighter for spring and summer. In any case, today I couldn't resist and brought it home. I haven't carried it yet, but putting it next to everything in my closet, it actually seems like it's quite neutral and will work with almost everything.
    1frenchminifront.JPG 2frenchminiback.JPG
  2. CONGRATS citychris! Maybe the City in that color just wasn't the right style for a brighter color for you. I'm glad you found it!
  3. And here are group photos:
    1) Comparison of blues (ink, blueberry, french blue). I think I'll count ink as purple though.
    2) Including cafe city.
    5inkblueberryfrench.JPG 6chriscollection.JPG
  4. Lovely!
  5. citychris - I also love the FB too.:yes: I don't know if you like the GH or not but the FB PT w/GH also looks amazing for S/S. Congrats:yahoo: if you decide to keep it.:idea:
  6. I LOVE your blue Purses!!!!!:yahoo:
  7. A girl after my own heart, love your collection of blues! Any other spring mini's there???
  8. Congrats Citychris !!!!
    I love your Blues Collection !!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Thanks everyone! Yes, as you can see I'm partial to blues.

    Sorry to say GL does not have any other minis.:sad:
  10. That Mini B is TDF! I've recently become a convert to this style and hope to get one of my own soon. Congrats!
  11. its so cute - how do you find the style? - easy to carry - fits everything?
  12. Yes, I'm thinking I love the MB style too. Anybody have a pic of someone carrying it? will it fit on the shoulder - say like the first might? (one strap of my firsts fit on my shoulder in a pinch)
  13. ^^ yay, congrats on your pretty new MB girl!!! :yahoo:

    p.s. rocco, this style fits perfectly over your shoulders & the handles are about the same size as the purse!!!
  14. I love the french blue - it is gorgeous in the mini bowling.

    Here is my grenat mini bowling - I love it[​IMG]
  15. The mini bowling style bags look very nice. Congrats on a lovely new bag citychris, it looks super!!! You have a great collection of bags. :yes: