New French Blue City! YAY!!!!

  1. Okay my boyfriend is so incredibly sweet and amazing, he surprised me with a FRENCH BLUE CITY!! I was in shock!! My third city, it's joining my turquoise '04 and black '05.

  2. Don't you just love the leather? Congratulations! You look so fantastic w/ it!
  3. :heart: French Blue! It's a beauty - congratulations!
  4. Gorgeous! That's hot on you!!! Enjoy ur surprise treat :biggrin:
  5. Beautiful.
  6. YUMMY! Cute dress too btw :yes:
  7. Congrats! What's even more amazing than your bag is your BOYFRIEND!

    I envy you.:yes:
  8. beautiful collection! sweet boyfriend! and the leather on ur french blue is gorgeous!
  9. Congrats on your beautiful new bag. It looks fantastic on you with that dress. And you have a great collection.
  10. What a nice collection. I also have only cities. Sweet boyfriend, too.
  11. What a great boyfriend you have. Your new bag is divine!
  12. Love it!:love: Congrats!:yes:
  13. thanks everyone! i'm always enjoying all of your pics so thought i'd finally post some too. he told me he was considering a white one too but decided to go with french blue since i had been ogling it and they make white every season. i'm so glad, i would have been scared to death of a brand new white bbag, though i hope to score one on eBay someday. i'm in love with this blue, it seriously GLOWS :heart: , it's crazy.


    i can't seem to stray from the city! it's the perfect size for me, though sometimes i think a twiggy might be nice...
  14. Gorgeous:smile: I really want one in the work...
  15. hi "add" :p it's *ras*

    I loooove your bag!!! Your bf is so sweet :biggrin: and I think he made a good choice cause shouldn't you be getting your white AC bag any day now?