New FREE shipping code from some LV!!

  1. In case you haven't already heard, FREE VIP shipping from Eluxury - code: MODE - enjoy!!!

    I bought myself a LV Keepall 55. Plus, NO sales tax and I also used ****** and saved an additional 3% - if you haven't signed up for ******, you should - you can use the link below if you'd like to take you there...YIPPEE!!!!! :yahoo:

  2. Thanks! The free shipping code works great. Eluxury does charge sales tax... how could you get no sales tax in the transaction?
  3. Maybe you're in California? I believe they only charge sales tax if you are a CA resident.
  4. Yea...CA and TN are the only 2 states charged sales tax. Bummer, i know!
  5. Yes I am in CA.
  6. I'm in california .....
    but free shipping is always good, thanks.
  7. I wish they'd get rid of the stupid ca sales tax. how come us and TN are the only ones who are singled out? :sad:
  8. damnnnn!!!!!!

  9. i think it has something to do with that fact that they have shipping centers in those states? I know living in the midwest- my orders came from tennessee. i know, sucks - sorry!!!
  10. oh, i think i am going to go ahead and get the green perfo cles then! thanks!
  11. What I want is gone :crybaby:
  12. I got something too;)...but I am still confused about ****** though.