1. Have you seen the new wristlet yet? Although its all bright and colourful, I kinda have this association of it being a "promotions" purse... you know, like the sort of wristlets/cases you get with the Gift With Purchase cosmetics/fragrance promotions... :shrugs:

    what do you recon?

  2. I saw it. Its really bright. even though I like bright. Its pretty though. Kinda reminds me of Valentines Day though and not spring.
  3. i hate the little perfume bottles on is trying WAY to hard and im not liking it :sad:
  4. I think its cute... but I agree - it reminds me of valentines day, not something I would look for around spring. They should have released the perfume & perfume print around valentines day!!! They would have made a killing with v-day presents and such!!! :confused1:

    The only thing I think I am really going to buy from it is the shoes... maybe the makeup case - but I just got a diff one at the outlet, so probably not...
  5. I totally agree, with all the adjectives and suchly. I find it unattractive. I was so upset when I saw the cosmetic purse, I was so excited once I heard kisslock and when I see it in person I see its accented with red patent with thick white contrasting stitching in the print. :sad: I hope they make another cosmetic purse with kisslock closure.