*NEW* Fox Keyfob!

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  1. I heard that the new Zoes were out in stores so I popped over to Bloor St to visit them & the other new bags, and I saw the Fox keyfob! Just as cute as on the website, I had to get it. & I've named her Sophie. :biggrin: Here she is, attached to my mini skinny which is kept inside my wristlet. :heart:

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  2. This is one of my favourite critter key fobs. As soon as she came in the store I and all the other sa's kept fauning over her. She's just too cute for words.
  3. Hahah cute you named her too.
  4. It's really cute!
  5. I'm getting this for my hubby!
  6. So adorable!
  7. So so so cute!
  8. I had to call my DD, she's 10, over to look at this because it was that cute! Congrats!
  9. Very cute!! I have the fox keyfob too and I love it.
  10. Too cute!
  11. haha aww!!
    btw is that your Chihuahua?? i had one (her name was Kiwi) for 10 years. such sweet dogs.
  12. So cute and I like how you named it.