New found tpf friend meet up

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  1. #1 Sep 23, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2012
    Hi, just want to share a happy experience. While I was in Australia, I found a friend here on TPF named "susiana". When she found out that I will be visiting Manila, she gave me her number & asked me to call her when Im around makati area. This afternoon my friend & I decided to go to greenbelt, I called "susiana" to meet her up! Luckily, she responded immediately, and voila!!! We met at Louis Vuitton shop in greenbelt. Its like an instant TPF Meeting! Lol. Here's our pic..("susiana" on the left, me on the middle, then my friend on the right)

    Thanks for letting me share this! c",)

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  2. So cute! Great you got to meet a new friend per TPF!
  3. Thanks! I'm really glad I've met her. There are tons of great people here on TPF! c",)
  4. Aww that's so nice that tPF can bring people who share a deep kind of love for bags together! I'm sure you guys had much to talk about. :hugs:
  5. Thanks axcarter! Its fun indeed! We spent some time inside the LV shop, have some chitchat, & took a snap shot while inside the store. I know taking pictures inside the boutique is not allowed, but maybe the SA's there saw that we're having a blast & just ignore us breaking the rules! Lol.. Thanks again! :hugs:
  6. That's pretty cool!
  7. Thank you Lilylovelv! :hugs:
  8. It's funny how a purse can bring us together like family.
  9. Too fun!

    Looks like you guys had a great time :smile:
  10. How nice to meet a fellow tPFer/LV lover!
  11. That is so very cool. I'm so glad for you both. Exciting.
  12. How sweet- cheers to tPF friendships! Your bags are fabulous too!
  13. So cute! Congratulations!!
  14. I am so full of envy! I could have join you guys :smile:
  15. Oh wow - that's so cool! :smile: