New found love for my Chloe.......

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  1. #1 Feb 16, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 17, 2010
    Hello Chloe ladies. Its been a long time since I've posted on this forum having found a love for Hermes. Became a bit obsessed and wouldn't look at anything else. Last year I bought an Hermes Evelyne messenger bag which I adore. And all my other bags took a back seat and couldn't get a look in!! However I have recently fallen in love with my Chloe Elvire tote again.
    This is such a fabulous work horse bag. Being patent leather I can happily take it out in the rain or snow. I take it anywhere too, I'm not worried about putting it on the floor either. I know this might sound like I don't care about the bag but I do, its just that I know its very sturdy and will handle practically anything. I've had this bag for 2 years and the first year I had it I used it a lot and then Evelyne came along and Elvire was put to bed in her dustbag. Well I've recently had a weekend in London doing a trade fair with my DH and I didn't want to take my Hermes bag as I didn't want to be worrying about what might be happening with it. (I treat my Hermes bag with kid gloves and really think about where and when to use it, so its very liberating not worrying about a bag the whole time) So I took my Chloe and I was very happy I did. I still feel good with it and I think it still looks fab and stylish, and she still looks like new. I know this wasn't one of the more popular styles and I feel it was severely overlooked and underrated. I happened to see a lady carrying a patent Bays in black whilst I was up there and honestly I prefer the shape and style of the Elvire.

    Sorry for the long post, but I really wanted to pop by and say Hi and that I still love Chloe. Thank you for reading :flowers:
  2. Hi lbb! :biggrin:

    Glad to hear you're loving your Elvire, again.

    I tired to buy a black patent Elvire clutch from NAP, when it first came out, but they sent me two in a row with patent issues (visible brush strokes and missing patches) and the second one was also squished into a way-too-small box, so what with that and the fact that it was top-heavy (while empty, at least), I gave up! :sweatdrop:
  3. i love the elvire! such a interesting bag! glad you loving it again!
  4. Thank you ladies for your lovely comments. Sorry you had no joy with the clutch chloehandbags. And yes bag*mad*bags it is an interesting bag. I really do love it xxx
  5. Elvire is lovely :biggrin::P......IMO....

  6. Thanks, lbb! :flowers:

    Yes, it was a bit odd - I must have seen about 15 black patent Evires, of various styles, on here and eBay, since then and none of them appear to have had the same issue.

    So, I don't know what on earth was going on with NAP's clutches? :shrugs: