new found addiction

  1. i LOVE the coach tags. i want more of there needs to be a place where you can find all them. i saw the keychain of all the lil tags...but i like the big ones. i told DH that i was gonna go around and steal them off of other ladies purses...that was just a you guys don't have to freak out and protect or tags....much. muah ah ah ah >:]]
  2. I'm keeping an eye out for you!
  3. Me?!? :nuts: Have Coach Bags?!?! :nuts: Not here!!!! :roflmfao:
  4. Not if I see you first!
  5. i love them too!! i attached my teal patent & camel one to my bag from sig & they look cute..
    i wish i had more too!
  6. :graucho:I don't think I have any either!!!
    Let me go check...:wlae:*goes to COACH cabinet*...:nogood:nope, none in there:p!!!