New Fossil ceramic watches

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  1. i saw them in store, its a nice watch, i opted for Michael Kors and still want J12, but if the budget is not there - its a nice alternative - plus FOssil garantee is pretty solid:smile:
  2. #3 Jan 30, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2010
    I saw these in the store the other day and I thought they looked great. I agree that its a nice alternative to the more high end designers. I have one of the Fossil watches similiar to this from last year and I love it. Its called the Stella. Its white with cz stones around the face and it looks much more expensive than what it was. It was $95.00. I had planned on it being a summer watch but I'm loving it so much that I find myself wearing it year round. I have it on right now. I am very rough on watches and it has held up wonderfully. Looks brand new.
  3. Thanks for the replies! I was looking at the Michael Kors (white without the bling) and may just go for this instead... the only thing I don't care for is the silver hardware that shows where the band meets the case but maybe I'm looking too close. So hard to decide sometimes when my only option is to buy online!
  4. my son got the white one pictured for his girlfriend for Christmas....she loved it