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  1. We're back!

    New and improved, with the newest vBulletin 3.5.0 forum script. I'm still tweaking stuff around, including the avatars which seem to be fuxored a little.

    Please let me know if you encounter addictional issues. :smile:
  2. Great job guys!
  3. I don't see my avatar anymore :sad2:. Anyone else?

  4. As I said, the avatars are a little messed up right now, I am working on fixing them! :smile:
  5. Avatars fixed!
  6. yay I can see myself again lol jj :smile:
  7. Kickass. In your options menu you can now select the advanced editor, too. Makes formatting your posts a little easier. :P
  8. lovely Gracias!
  9. I'm actually having misc problems with the advanced posting interface at the moment. I am reverting some of the customized stuff to fix it.

    edit: fixed now!
  10. I don't know if this is one of the problems you guys are trying to fix, but my smileys arent working now, well, I can manually type them, but I can't click them anymore :sad:
  11. Cool! :smile: The quick reply now has "Check Spelling" option. :smile: Now there's no :smile:

  12. What operating system and internet browser are you using? Megs seems to have a similar problem, with Firefox on Windows XP. :wacko:

    Anyone else experiencing this?

    Possible temp. solution - see the A/A button in the top right corner? It switches the posting interfaces. Try to hit the button and see if the smilies work.
  13. Not only that, the quick reply now works without reloading the actual page, which you may have noticed. Wonders of Ajax ;)
  14. Hey Vlad, I cant use a animated avatar? I will show you a picture of it
    on this message. Can you tell me how to use it?

    Attached Files:

  15. Changed. I just hope the animation won't annoy the members ;)