New Forum Category Ideas

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  1. There has been talk of a "Deals" subcategory - so I thought since you might add that, forum members could suggest some more.

    I was thinking that the following subcategories would be helpful in "The Playground"
    - TV, Movies, and Music
    - Hair and Beauty Products
    - News from the Real World (this is where people could post news articles about things not fashion related)

    If you don't to venture too far from the handbag-world, I'll understand if you don't want to add these categories.
  2. Actually Vlad and I were coming up with new subcategories! Anyone can join in with some help if they would like. I told Vlad since the topics are growing so much it would be great to ad some more categories. Tell whatever you would like! Thanks for the help C! :smile:
  3. How about a for sale section? :lol:
  4. If Vlad and Megs approve of people selling their stuff via this forum, I *definitely* think this should get its own section. Mainly, because I'll know what section to avoid. No offense, but I've keep seeing posts in the LJ community Handbag Fetish about people being ripped off this way.
  5. I think we may not be allowing transactions on the forum! But I will run it by Vlad anyhow. :noworry:
  6. What about a Dating and Relationships section? That was kind of inspired by your long distance thread Megs :smile:
  7. Then can we have a section for sharing/rating/warning of websites for buying (or not) bags/stuff? Also to include sellers on Ebay? (who's good and who to stay away from?)

  8. Another thought, a section to hilight new/lesser known designers.

  9. Like most forums, we should probably have an introduction thread and/or subcategory - this is where people who just signed up can introduce themselves and get their first post out of the way.
  10. How about an "Out of Topic" category? hehe
  11. Hmm. How would that be different from the GD category? Thought GD was to discuss everything and anything?
  12. Sounds good! We have that thread going already but it get's lost. Vlad and I will work on all of this and trying to make it more user friendly/ more divided into categories/ etc! Thanks for all the help guys!

    Feel free to give more comments or suggestions anytime!!
  13. I agree with Lexi- wouldn't that be just like General Discussion or what were you thinking?
  14. Vlad and I are going to re-do the categories tomorrow or by the end of the week for sure! We will let you know what we are thinking! :P
  15. nice! Looking forward to it :biggrin: