New For 2008 Chanel Eye and Sunglass Cases. *pix*

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  1. how great are these! i work at an optical shop that sells chanel eye and sunwear. i traded out all my old style cases for these. SO CUTE!


  2. ohhh another member just got her's! very cute
  3. Cute cases, do they sell them on their own, or do they come with glasses?
  4. omg these are sooo cute!! i must buy a new pair of chanel sunglasses to get this cute case! do they have any limited edition ones? in white or with diamontes?
  5. oh wow!! I love those cases.
  6. Cute cases!
  7. very cute!
  8. love these cases....
  9. Aren't they great, I love the quilted cases!
  10. that's so cute! did you buy those separately and do they come with the new models only?
  11. I am loving these new cases... I like them much better than the old ones that just had Chanel printed on it. What a great excuse to buy new sunglasses! LOL -thanks for sharing!
  12. are they made of leather? and why isn't the quilting symmetrical!!!!???
  13. ^
    EEEK, now that you pointed it out... :s I can't stand looking at them.
  14. I bought a pair of the 5120 sunglasses and this was the case that came with them.
  15. wow that's really nice.... must find a new pair of sunglasses now!