New Flower Charm is 2 CUTE

  1. Precious daughter and I went to the boutique tonight just to browse the new stuff. I really wanted the new flower charm because on line it looks like it has some black. Actually, it is all blues and purples. It would look SO CUTE on one of the new denim bags, particularly the new denim patchwork! However, since I am a black bag person, I ended up with the watermelon. I really liked it and was afraid it would sell out.

  2. And, I just saw online that the sliver/multicolor flower charm would be available online on 6/2. Does that mean the previous one will be back in stock? I broke down recently and purchased one on eBay and paid about twice retail...
  3. I love the watermelon charm! I am wanting one too. Actually, I think the new flower would look better on a bag that is NOT a patchwork. It might get a little lost on a bag like that Ergo you have pictured.
  4. Oh wow, I love it.
  5. LOL! I just posted about this charm too, I'm not feeling it at all. Love the tote though
  6. I love the flower!

    I have it on my wishlist along with the patchwork hobo!:yes:
  7. Very very cute!!!! I would love to see a Ladybug Charm.
  8. Now that I would buy in a SECOND!

    I do have a keyfob with a ladybug on it.
  9. I'm the opposite!! :p love the flower, not feeling the tote. teehee.
  10. I bought the flower charm today!!! And the pink turnlock valet keyfob and the trigger keyfob in red!!! love them all!!
  11. I got the flower too, and it is much prettier in person and beautiful on a single color leather bag!