New floorset

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  1. Not sure if it's just the store i went to, but they seemed to have a new floorset with the heritage stripe stuff, ergo (pebbled leather), some new scarf print. :tup:
    It was nice to see everything in person.
  2. Oh cool! Where did you go?
  3. Garden State Mall
    Paramus, NJ
  4. I didn't get to stay long because the store was about the close, but they had some really great stuff. I'll have to convince my DH to take me there again.
  5. Thats awesome! I think I might stop by mine today! Thanks for the info!
  6. thanks for letting us know
  7. I just called my store in vegas, and its a flagship, and they don't have any of this in. So sad.
  8. That's strange, i always thought that a new floorset came out the same time nationwide.
  9. What color is the new scarf line?
  10. I just went to my store today also and they didn't have any of this stuff either.
  11. Just a FYI--the Garden State Mall store is a Flagship store as well! They always have an awesome selection!!
  12. I need to stay away from the store. I know I am going to want everything.
  13. Blue...not sure exactly if it's the scarf print line, but it totally looked like the signature c's from the last scarf print line, but I remember thinking to myself that the fabric looked a bit different. I was rushing through the store so I didn't have a chance to look closely (it was in a glass case). Sorry.
  14. Its okay. I can't wait to see this new line!
  15. I LOVEEEEEE Garden State Plaza's Coach.

    Ever since they renovated it a couple of years ago its been like heaven. I don't get to go that way too often anymore, but when I do, they always have exactly what I want. And girls I know who use that store as their staple store do say they tend to get bags before other stores. Not sure why that store is so special, but it is!