New Floorset

  1. I have to admit I was incredibly disappointed walking through the store today. They only had the large sized Madeline's. They didn't have the new tan Carly (or know about it!), they had a couple of the new Bleeker colors only in the smaller duffle, and the Madelines they did have were in black, tan, signature.

    They also didn't have a great variety of accessories. The SA indicated they just didn't get that much in.
  2. I am with you here. There was not much to impress in the new Floorset which I saw
    today. I guess it's a good thing Spring is around the corner and hopefully we will be
    pleasantly surprised. The only thing I liked was the Madeline and the Bleeker Duffle
    in Canary.
  3. I also meant to add that I wasn't as smitten with the Madeline as I hoped to be. It has the funky zipper that I don't care for... I really don't know how to describe it, perhaps someone else that has seen it can put it to words. Aside from the zipper I loved the bag, but I just couldn't get past the zipper.
  4. Did you see the madeline in the leather and signature . Did you get to see the green color in either? I am going to the store after work in a hour or so. So it sounds like if i like her I will have to order her!
  5. I saw the Madeline in grass green at Nordie's but not at the Coach boutique. I live in Texas though, so perhaps you'll have more luck in your area. I liked the color a lot and the style. Just not the zipper.
  6. Did Nordies have the signature with green leather and the all leather madelines I wonder what I will like better I hope my store has some to get a idea. Maybe only the bigger stores got the differnt madelines?
  7. Oh, do they have the zippers that totally unzip, leaving an opening at each end of it? I think the gallery totes have that type of zipper too. I hadn't thought about the Madelines having that zipper too. Hmmm...
  8. I really do not like those types of zippers, can they not do it any other way. You have to re-attach them. I love the new bleeker flap with the red leather flap part and khaki combo, it is very unique. Also does that same one come in the Grass ? I have to admit even though it is something i would normally like, I don't like that new heritage satchel either, it seems too busy but not in a classy way like the legacy satchel does, just busy.
  9. Does anyone know if the madeline will be coming in magenta? I saw a pic of it in another thread but maybe the colouring was just off on my computer.... I would love to have it in a bright pink! I need to see it in person though as it sounds like its not as appealing IRL.... thanks for the heads up ladies!
  10. Jenn, it shows up as magenta in the drilldown but I don't know when it will be released, if at all.
  11. When I called JAX this morning to order a wrislet I asked about if they had any ipod covers to fit the new nano. The SA said that she cant really say ;) ;) but check back in two weeks and things might ;) be released on the web and in the store.
  12. Yes, ttloveshim, the zipper like the gallery tote. You know the variety that I'm speaking of.

    The store I visited today didn't have the new heritage stripe collection either. That didn't surprise me that much as it's not on the website either. I'm very curious to see that line, though I probably won't purchase from it.
  13. I went to the the coach store today and just as you guys said about the zipper was true you have to unzip the zipper then rehook it. That green madeline color is to dye for and the french wallet to match I will have to think about this one. I did get some-------------------------------------------------
    things after seeing the wallet I couldnt resist so the SA checked for me there were only 6 left so I I had to get the get the liliac carryall and the slim evelope wallet with my PCE! I had to get it after she said that and the color isnt white it is off white.I was lucky to get it Yeh! now theres only 5 left and that was 2 hrs ago no telling now.The SA
    seems to think they wil get replenished though. I am just glad i got mine!:yahoo:
  14. Yay, Mary G!! I'm so happy for you!! I'm probably going to get the geranium Madeline since I have enough exchanges right now to get it. I wish I could see it IRL first but I can't so will just order it and hope I like it! If not, I'll keep my receipt and tags on it for an exchange later! I'm going to put it away for Spring! I think since it's a tote I won't mind the zipper, it's a big enough bag. I hate those zippers on the smaller bags because there just isn't room to zip them. Be sure to post pics of your goodies for us!!
  15. I saw the geranuim today it is a very pretty red not like the rose color its just a nice spring red not to dark . I was just blind sighted by the greenI love green! But aftering seeing the liliac wallet and the carryall in gold all I could do was think of asking about that carryall.Ithink I will still get the madeline also in green maybe in a couple of weeks they are very much spring colors but so is the liliac carryall or maybe tlloveshim you will come thru with some new handbags from the drilldown for us and maybe that magenta will become
    avail. just like some one posted there should be new things in 2 weeks!