new floorset next week! (long entry)

  1. my store just got in the new catalogs which cannot be distributed yet but most of the stuff is already on the floor or i've already talked about it :smile:

    new, suede totes with signature C's on them (think embossed leather collection)

    it's $358, the beads are on top instead of down the side this year, and it comes in lilac, espresso, and hazel (gorgeous, i preordered one for a customer in espresso)

    it also comes in signature fabric, khaki and black. also $358

    then there's the stitched collection, which comes in small $278 and large hobo $458, colors black, rose and ivory, with rose being the rare color again. it also comes in a large flap (usually a size you see in dept stores versus coach stores) that is $398.

    there's a matching wristlet $128 and slim envelope $278.

    mini skinnies are going to be huge this year, they have one for the madison lurex (glitterly version of optic C's), as well as the beaded tote, and an all gold one that is super cute! they're all 58$ though i believe except for the madison lurex which is 48$ as the wristlet is 58$ respectively.

    the collection, which also usually comes in black and gold, will have pink, although the catalog doesn't have the picture, i think pink is replacing the color they used last christmas season, purple.

    there will be open toe, peekaboo heels to match this collection!

    the resort line which some people were asking about is also in it, and will have a framed french wallet 228, the shoulder zip 398, the ali 498, and the tote 698, pouch 168, lorah wedge (matches collection) 158, wristlet 168..

    all the bags - ali, shoulder zip, and tote will have scarves attached to the bag (it should be removable) that is exclusive to this line!

    someone asked about the pricing of the jewelry, it's 98$ for 1/2" in stripe and signature, 148$ for 1" in stripe and signature, 178$ for the medallion charm bracelet and 258$ for the matching necklace...

    and for those who love the legacy collection and signature fabric we are coming out with a khaki with gold trim version of shoulder zip and ali, may extend to the rest of the collection but for now it's just those two bags showcased.

    the bags that are already in the red book and current assortment binder i can show, and will when i have my camera charged and time to upload (probably tmr evening) if anyone's interested.

    sorry for such a long entry!

    but...there's also the holiday patchwork. i won't even try to describe it but will post pics, as well as the ones of the $3,500 legacy satchel in ostrich leather. they have this gorgeous light green color *drool* which unfortunately is too expensive for me :love:
  2. This is great! Thanks for all the time you put into sharing the info.:yes:
    Love to see pics.

    I was so hoping there'd be more more Cashin inspired kisslock and turnlock leather stuff...
  3. Ugh, Were you dissapointed with the holiday catalog this year? We were so bummed at my store because it's everything we've already seen and it looks like the legacy catalog! Also, we're bummed because we already know what all of the holiday shoppers/ribbon looks like so there is no suprise after roadshow :sad:

    Oh well, at least the store is going to look super cute and full!
  4. ohh thanks for the update...would love to see pics. When are you allow to distribute the new catalog? I guess I'll be going to Tyson's Galleria Coach next weekend...(that's the best store in my area so they may have the legacy clothing that you all have been talking about)
  5. Thank you for all the info! I can't wait to see the store!
  6. Thanks for the update!
  7. Hi. Thanks for the update. i saw that beaded tote. It's a real beauty! The last thing I need is another bag though. I look forward to the photos. When is the new catalogue going to be on the rack?
  8. that's what my manager said!

    although i forgot to remind her we usually have the same catalog twice, just with different covers -________- does anyone (customer wise) notice that?

    but this year it is different. for the first catalog they showcased only the legacy collection and although there was the hippe bag in our current assortment binder, and so we know about it, it isn't in any stores (yet, not even pinnacle) so that will be a new bag for the consumer (it's a messenger style of ali if anyone's wondering what a hippie bag is, and it's 398$)

    this catalog has the whole collection and i guess, for us employees because they've already shown us in the current assortment and that "secret" binder which everyone here has seem to gotten a peek of (i've actually had a customer come in and ask for it, stating it was 'ok' for me to show her b/c she's already seen it!) that most people, e.g. us, already know what to expect.

    which is great because i think it allows us to really know about it, the material, detail, pricing, to be able to help the customers and ourselves of course because it allows me to save X amount of money for _________. :lol:

    but there's a lot of new stuff for the coach customer besides the jewelry line

    they also came out with a new color for signature legacy

    and then there's the really expensive ostrich bags.

    and zoe clutches which some pple already know about thanks to magazines =) those are rare to b/c not every store will have them.

    and the lurex is back, i think it's a favorite but it's a shame they NEVER make it in a bigger bag size. i've always had customers ask and it's always the same, they only have a small bag and clutches for this line, but they've expanded this year and have included small wallets and mini skinnies.

    i think coach took what worked last year and gave it a twist (e.g. the suede bead totes have C's on them) or expanded on that line. most retailers do this. some *cough*abercrombie*cough* just makes the same thing again with very subtle changes.

    and apparently i can't find my digi camera, i get out of class late tonight around 9 so if i can find it i'll post it, otherwise i think you wouldn't have to wait long anyways, next week it'll be out, so hopefully they'll start passing it out soon.
  9. Thanks for the update. I can't wait. I was wondering if the beaded tote has suede on the bottom for the signature fabric?
  10. I saw pictures of the Holiday Patchwork and it's awesome! It does have pink instead of purple and zebra print. My SA said it is available for order. I'm waiting to see it in person before I make up my mind!
  11. Thanks for the info! Can't wait to see it all in person!
  12. Wow! Lots of great stuff to look forward too! Do you know if there will be any new agendas/planners coming out too?
  13. IM SO EXCITED!! thanks so much!!. When will this collection come to the website? Thankyou!!
  14. They have put a couple of new bags on the website today that she mentioned. I am going to have to plan a trip soon! Thanks for the update.
  15. ms whitney...I do notice that the catalogs are basically the same....its always a bit dissapointing to me since I'm always so excited to see the new stuff.

    I saw the holiday patchwork too...and as far as I'm concerned it just keeps getting better year after year.

    As far as the lurex....I never thought about it in bigger bags...I'm afraid that would be too much sparkle...but it looks cute in the littler things....I have the lurex lipstick case from last year in the gold.