New Floorplan

  1. Hi everyone...I was wondering if anyone new what handbags would be released when the new floorplan is set up on the 26th? I am wondering if I should save my PCE or use it tomorrow. Thanks
  2. Yes, I think there are some new things coming out after Christmas. If there is something you really want now, then go ahead and buy tomorrow. Chances are the SA will let you keep the card and use it again. The store I shop at always lets me use the discount as many times as I want during the event. Have fun picking out something new!
  3. :graucho:
  4. Last time I was in my store they were warning people that they would take the card... and this store usually doesn't! So you might want to check that they'll let you use it twice before you try.
  5. Thank you for all your replies...I am going tomorrow to hopefully order something. I will post pics when I find something!
  6. we are putting up lots of new GORGEOUS items from the spring collection on the floor on dec 26th. as far as your PCE card, I've been giving them back to anyone that's presented them at the register but that's just me. It might vary from store to store or from SA to SA... let me know what you end up getting!!!

  7. Wow the spring collection is being put up already?!?! I can't wait!
  8. ITA. I was doing shipment on Tuesday and these bags are SO PRETTY!! I love all of the colors. As for the PCE cards, I have been giving them back at the register. It really depends on the store. I know mine is giving them back. Usually a manager will say if we are gonna take them or give them back.