New floor set

  1. Bump

    Any new releases expected in time for the March PCE?
  2. When is the next floorset? What will be included?
  3. SA told me today that the next floorset will come out towards end of March. After the PCE is over. :sad:
    But I guess you can pre-order.
  4. So sad :sad:... So what can we preorder then? Probably fuchsia Madison... Does anyone know what else is coming for the new Madison lineup?
  5. I just contacted coach cs and they said the Lindsey is now available in mushroom as well as fuchsia but they didn't have any new patent colours so I guess it's not coming out in the coral patent..
  6. Hamptons might be the next line coming out
  7. Has anyone heard about a fuchsia Abigail??
  8. Next floorset will be out on March 22nd.
  9. I was told the 23rd today, but not what was coming out :sad:.
  10. Does anyone know when the new floorset is for April?
  11. April 19th.
  12. Thanks! I can't wait to see all of the new Madison bags IRL!
  13. What is coming up in the August floor set? What is the release date?
  14. Coach locked the staging site, you have to a user id and password now, so I have no idea...