New floor set

  1. Is there a new floor set coming out soon? Thanks.
  2. When I was in the store today they told me next Friday the 20th is when the new stuff would be out.
  3. hoping the PCE can be used on the new stuff waiting to see what stuff there is ....
  4. My SA said they have a bunch of new stuff. I think they may put it out Thursday cuz they are having an open house.
  5. Some of the stores already have some items in house. I went to one today and asked for the tuberose gathered Sophia. They showed it to me and the matching wallet. They also showed me the orchid patent Sophia. It is all gorgeous.
  6. The orchid patent sophia sounds amazing.. can't wait to see it on the website!
  7. Seriously it's gorgeous. I will try to upload the pic I took of it.
  8. Here we go! Here's the patent orchid Sophia. Swoon. Shimmers IRL.
  9. I hope to see the patent orchid Lindsey and Abigail...the pics look amazing!
  10. ooooooooohhh the patent orchid is amazing.... thanks for the photo...the SAs at FP that i call will only do orders if it appears on site ,,, is this coming onto the site soon ?
  11. Orchid? Do we have a picture of that color? I think I need it! Love orchid!
    duhhhh, thanks for the photo!
  12. My SA called me last week to say new floorset would be out on the 13th with a PCE preview the evening of the 12th.
  13. I have an Orchid Patent Lindsey and I absolutely :heart:LOVE:heart: it!
  14. Oops...I just saw that someone already posted a picture.:blush:
  15. You have the ornament fob?! I didn't even know it was ever released!