New Floor Set!!!

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  1. I am sorry if there is already another post. Anyway do we know what will be on the next floor set? I know about the Alex and embroidered bags. Anything else??
  2. I was told a Kristen satchel style similar in shape to the Lindsay but more squishy, less structered, also with some chain feature attaching the strap to the bag. It will be compartmentalized like the Lindsay with zippered closures. Leather is like the current Kristen. I haven't seen it yet, but may try to swing by the boutique to take a peak at it. SA told me that they can't volunteer styles to show you that aren't out officially until next week, but can show you if YOU ASK for a specific bag. Thank heavens for this board so that I know what to ask for! ;)
  3. is any new poppy comming out?
  4. it will be out on the 25th i believe that's what i heard?
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    Oh ya I have seen the Kristen satchel...not my style. Thanx though^^^ Anyone else want to chime in???
  6. i think there's new brooke coming. either this floorset or next, but im thinking it will be this one
  7. There's a couple new Alex and Kristen this time. Next time it's more new poppy
  8. More coated canvas totes, and Alex Patent totes. Also like you said Brooke in a differant color, and Kristin collection in differant colors....melon, yellow, turquoise.
  9. Does anyone know if this Kristin will be out with the new floor set? Thanks!

  10. I got a call from my SA that they are having a special preview with refreshements of the new Kristins on Saturday. Unfortunately I am flying home the day of the preview.

  11. I can't wait to see the larger size Kristin satchel!