new floor set?

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  1. anyone have any information about when the next floor set will be out & what it will contain?
  2. Heard from an SA it was coming this Friday. Don't know what is in it. She said to come by in the afternoon to see.
  3. I was told last night by an SA that it's coming on the 23rd of this month and it will have a lot of color. But that's all I could get out of her, darnit.
  4. I was told today that it will be on the 23rd as well.
  5. The lovely SAs at my local boutique also told me around the 23rd. Oh the waiting!
  6. Hmmm...maybe she meant next Friday...
  7. What is the bag in your avatar? It looks kinda like a zebra Ali on this computer screen. I'm drooling. :drool::drool::drool:
  8. The web site is usually updated on the Wednesday before "New Floorset Friday" :smile:
  9. It's going to contain Heritage Stripe and some new pieces for Madison
  10. I heard from the outlet SA that it would be 23rd.
  11. hehehe i know what the new outlet floor set is at the outlet! i love having a mom who works in the stock room :biggrin:
  12. A really nice Coach SA let me peek at a couple of the next Sabrina colors--the silver is gorgeous (feels really smooth and soft but weird), and the tan (which is a little bit on the yellow side).
  13. Oh you're so lucky!!! Any hints?
  14. yesss... please... hints .. hints... anything....