New Floor Set?

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  1. When does the next new floor set go up in the regular boutiques? I am hoping next week?
  2. I went to my local Coach store yesterday and they said they'd have the new floor set out next Thursday! One week to go!! Wahoo!
  3. Do you know what will be in the new floor set?
  4. When I talked to the SA's, they made it sound like it would be items from the current catalog, but they said they didn't know for sure as they were getting new stuff everyday. She said that more fall-ish things would be coming out later in August though. Sorry for my lack of info!
  5. Next wednesday!
  6. What will be out?
  7. I was told by an SA that there is possiblity of candy keyfobs as part of this floor set.
  8. Candy keyfobs! yummy....that sounds sweet.
  9. Everything will be in stores Wednesday morning. I haven't seen the candy keyfob yet, but we have pretty much everything in our store now. New Legacy and Hampton's Stripe. It's all so cute!
  10. it's real, seller is also a tpf member.
  11. The candy keyfob was supposed to be out this early spring! I still haven't seen any info on getting it anytime soon however.
  12. My sa told me today - new stuff out Thursday!!!!
  13. I saw two of the new legacy bags today, Nordies had them, IMO- they are TDF!!!! I was drooling! One was similar to an Ali and the other one was like a legacy satchel. They were made from signature fabric, black background with dark brown for the C's. :heart: No clue what MSRP is because I was too excited about the bags to look at the price tag.
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