New Flat Iron

  1. I'm looking for a new flat iron. Any suggestions besides a chi.
  2. ghd all the way
  3. Sedu works great for me (have thick naturally curly hair)
  4. I love my CHI iron.........Its the best..sorry i couldnt help!
  5. i had a T3 flat iron for about 2 years... it still works beautifully, and i never had any problems with it. however, my sister "borrowed" it and never gave it back. not that i mind, it's an excuse to get a new one.

    i've heard good things about ghd... was gonna buy one, but realized it only has fixed temperature. so i ended up getting an fhi platform 1" instead... i love it! i can even curl my hair... creates nice waves, much better than a regular curling iron.
  6. I have owned a ghd for a few years now (got it back in the huge super super straight hair craze) and it's been working great! It does only have one setting so you just plug it in and turn it on. But maybe their technology has changed since then!

    My best friend has the Sedu and she loves it. Looks like it's working out great for her.
  7. I just got the Sedu and I'm very happy with it , works great on my curly thick overprocessed hair
  8. Thanks for all the info!!
  9. I have the T3 and love it. :smile:
  10. Yesterday I bought a Conair ceramic gold one. Haven't used it yet.
  11. Why not a Chi? I have one and I also have a T3 and I think I prefer the Chi.
  12. i have a rusk that i really like, my hair is naturally VERY curly and it works great. it's a 1", though, and i'd like a 2", so i'm very interested in these recommendations! could y'all post your hair types when you make your suggestions?
  13. I keep hearing about T3 products, especially the flat iron and blow dryer. I think I will try one out. I don't know the name of my flat iron, but I'm unimpressed with it. :Push:
  14. Head for your local beauty supply store...the one open to all people and ask their advice. They love to help you out and that's where I got mine. Did n't need to spend three digits.