New flaps colors for f/w?

  1. Does anyone know? :confused1:

    Thanks girls! :smile::heart:
  2. no one?! :sad:
  3. bumping this up! come on girlsss :smile:
  4. I heard from my SA that they aren't expecting any new colors in the classic flap for either fall or cruise this year. New colors aren't expected until Spring/Summer 08 which I heard there may be pinks and turquoise ones!
  5. I also heard no, just the basic black and beige =(
  6. that's dumb. :smash:
  7. aww man that sucks :crybaby:i was so amped on FINALLY plunging a chunk of money [yes even after the price increase] for a TDF color jumbo. i still havent gotten a chanel! i am so not impressed and a bit upset. sigh.
  8. My SA told me currently in the store: White and red medium flap in new chain, Chocolate brown flap in old chain (this is something new to me).
  9. I heard maybe purple & silver in coming S/S... but I'm not really sure...Will SAs know about S/S08 at this time?
  10. thanks so much iceearl but i was hoping for a really bold striking color- something like blue or purple. im super bummed out! :crybaby:
  11. Charlene_ same here...I'd like some bold color rather than basic B/W. But I can't wait & I can't take the chance of the upcoming price I got the dark silver reissue instead. However, I was very lucky to get this bag w/o waitlist at all. & I'm loving it after seeing loads of photos posted by lovely TPFers. I believe I will love it even more when I receive the bag in the next couple weeks. BTW, silver is a really bold striking color, isn't it?

    Anyway maybe you can find one up on eBay??? But personally, I prefer brand new bag purchased from the boutiques. I hope you can find one you love.
  12. thanks ceci you're so sweet :smile::heart::smile: dont hate me but im not into reissues very much except for the navy patent one, that is just super gorgeous! im definitely more of a classic flap girl.

    yeah im definitely not an eBay kinda person- it just doesn't feel as good buying a bag with proper packaging and browsing at a boutique! Thanks tho ceci :heart:

  13. IceEarl, did you say a red medium with new chain?? :drool:
    Is this at the boutique in HK though? I've heard most Chanel bags are more expensive there....