new flagship store in Seoul

  1. Thank you, very interesting. Love the pics of the special items that were issued.
  2. That's so cool- I want an Hermes balloon!
  3. omg! i don't know what's making my head spin more - the blue croc birkin w/ diamonds or the suede plume elan w/ diamonds!:true:
  4. Wow, what a spectacular space - all that white light to admire the goodies in. That gent's coat is gorgeous and the plume elan is droolicious. Never thought of Seoul as one of my destinations in life but that could change!
  5. I think the exterior of this building looks pretty simlar to the flagship in Japan.
  6. thx for time i go to korea again, i will definitely go there!
  7. wow... O__O

    I wanna go visit there the next time I go to Seoul!

    Thanks for sharing!