New: Five Shades of Nude....

  1. Yes....

    So far only in pigalle 100mm, but more on the way in other styles, from what we understand.

    The colors:
    Lea, Nats, Maya, Safki, and Ada.

    This was featured on the PurseBlog this week, and I wanted to make sure you were all in the loop!


    So....what do you think?:cool:
  2. i wish they were patent.
  3. I wish (well wife wishes) they were either Pigalle 120 or So Kate.
  4. that'd be nice ^^^ my fave styles right now.
  5. +1
  6. I like!
  7. I hope they do them in So Kate, that is such a gorgeous shoe and in a patent nude...wonderful :cloud9:
  8. I agree!
  9. Does anyone know if these colors are permanent? :wondering
  10. I tried to find the answer for you but there doesnt seem to be a definitive statement from CL that this is a permanent addition to the line.

    If anyone has the answer, by all means, please share with us!
  11. Thank you PBInsider :smile:
  12. i think it's a permanent collection
    i find pigalle 100 super comfy
  13. I would love to see pictures of these on blogs