New First- Metal or Leather Tag?

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  1. Have the First's gone back to leather tags? I know that they used to be leather and switched to silver interior tags in 2003. I had my eye on a new First with covered hardware on Ebay, but the inside tag was leather, so I thought it might be a fake and missed out on it. Just so I know for next time...does anyone know the answer to this?
  2. I think it's because of the covered hardware. I can't say for sure about the First, but the City with covered hardware (both RH and GH) apparently has leather tags instead of the metal tag, so it's likely that it's the same thing with the First. Wait for others to confirm though!
  3. That's what I was thinking, that it was because of the covered hardware. Interesting...
  4. Can you post the auction in the ATB thread so we can take a look for you?

    I'm curious too.
  5. It was from a few weeks ago, so I don't have the link. I was just curious, because I have never seen that before.
  6. Didn't even know they made first with covered HW?
  7. ^^ Never knew they made CHW for first too!

    I think B changes its tags according to HW and like JSY mentioned, CHW all comes with leather tag! ;)
  8. Hmm...interesting. I've searched everywhere online and haven't been able to find another first with covered hardware. If anyone finds one, please post the link!
  9. There are Firsts with Covered Hardware (small covered hardware), I've seen them countless number of times.

    There are no Firsts with the perforation though...
  10. Thanks Rere I thought in my Swiss cheeze brain I HAD seen one - or that maybe I just dreamed it!? I really wish all the reports about the covered hardware being so fragile (rubbing off) weren't so scary.:jammin:
  11. Haha, you had seen one! It seems that the most of them that I've seen were from this seller too: designer9822.

    I agree, the rubbing off of the CH is way more than enough to steer me away.