New finds ....Chloe sale stuff paddies minis & more

  1. Anyone looking for a lime green paddy? $1026
    Also a mini white paddy - $884

    I've been calling around all day.
  2. in my search for my ava I found these deals:

    NMLC San Marcos:
    chloe1.jpg chloe2.jpg chloe3.jpg chloe4.jpg chloe5.jpg
  3. continued:
    chloe8.jpg chloe7.jpg chloe9.jpg chloe12.jpg
  4. Good job girls!! Chloe should be giving you a commission. I want the bracelet bag. I don't NEED a bracelet bag but I WANT IT!! (It looked so cute on the model's wrist in that pic under "Celebrities and their Chloes"....
  5. NMLC Miami:
    handbag1.JPG Handbag2.JPG
  6. Mona - Do you remember the price on the Edith Shopper? I love it! :heart:
  7. I Just called NMLC Austin and she said they had tons of Chloes bt couldn't send pics. There were too many to send!
  8. I didn't get prices! Sorry...
  9. I will give them a call - thanks 4 posting!!!
  10. Thanx, Mona!:heart::heart:
  11. Unbelievable. Chloe bags out the wazooo. I am trying not to call about the bracelet bag.
  12. Mona you are the best at tracking down these deals:tup:!!!!
  13. Thanks Ali...but the sad part is that I couldn't track down the one I wanted!
  14. Things always seem to happen that way. I called my SA at bloomies in NYC about the Ava( among other things:angel:), she's going to call me back tomorrow. I will keep you updated!
  15. great...thanks!