New Fidji design?

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  1. Stopped by BG this evening they had the Fidji in green, yellow, and white.
  2. well apparently there was another post by someone who got a Black Fidji from GSF.. They might still have some left on stock.. I truly wished they didnt discontinue this bag.. the Grenadines have not made its mark - for now.. the SAs at Barneys BH said a couple have "returned" the Grenadines.. for other choices.
  3. I was so disappointed when they discontinued this style (I have black and love it) -- finding this thread inspired me to call around. I ordered a white from BG today. As of Saturday, GSF had sky blue and yellow. This is by far my favorite Goyard shape so I'm glad I scooped another up before they are all gone.
  4. i bought the fidji in sky blue from the GSF this afternoon. they still have the yellow on display.
  5. Congrats on the sky blue meichou! I was so torn between that and the white. I hope you love it!
  6. Wow! GSF must have had 2 sky blue Fidjis because I had them send me one yesterday. It will be here on Tues :smile:
  7. Thx. I loved it. The color really brighten my whole outfit.
  8. I don't like the new design :shucks: I saw it in Paris and it didn't do anything for me
  9. i thought the fidji design was discontinued?
  10. GSF still had a yellow Fidji on the shelf as of yesterday. :biggrin:
  11. Has anyone seen a navy of the orig Fidji????
  12. The London store had one navy a few months ago. I'd imagine it's gone now but it seems like it is worth calling around to a few stores if you are still interested in the Fidji as random singles keep popping up. That's how I found my new white.
  13. I checked GSF for Fidjis and they said they only have 3 left in yellow. I got them to send me one...

    So 2 left?
  14. How much is the fidji now? I have one in burgundy and thinking of buying another one before extinction. :smile:
  15. Called San francisco and they said none left anymore..:sad:
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