New Fidji design?

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  1. Does anyone know if the original Fidji is available at Barney's in Beverly Hills?
  2. I was told back in October they sold out on all their existing stocks of the Fidjis I saw hanging on their rack on the floor.
  3. I just called, yes you are right, they are all gone...
  4. Try to call GSF. I ordered mine back in Sept and just received it 1st week of Dec. They may have several from that recent wouldn't hurt to check.
  5. Phyllis has a white Fidji at BG and GSF is waiting for shipment on black, yellow and sky blue.
  6. I got very lucky on my trip to NYC on 12/13 and picked up a Fidji (black with Tan) at Barneys :yahoo:
  7. WingNut, you're so lucky! I also want a black and tan fidji.....
  8. fyi...I just returned a black/tan fidgi to BG in NYC by mail.... they should have it in a few days. I wanted the tote and not the fidgi- my husband bought me the wrong bag for x-mas.
  9. I was at Goyard SF yesterday. They have a "new" Fidji on display.
  10. Phyllis has white yellow and one burgundy Fidji left in stock as of yesterday afternoon at BG.
  11. How much is the Fidji?
  12. All of these colors are $1250.
  13. @cfpurse: was there a particular reason why you decided to return the fidji, other than originally wanting the st louis? it didn't grow on you? i am curious because i am currently deciding between a st louis GM and a Fidji. Thanks!
  14. SA said all barney's are sold out of fidjis...

    as for SF GOYARD, here is email received on JAN 14:

    Hi -----,
    At the moment we don't have any Fidji in stock and since it is a discontinued model we are only going to get a couple of them in black-black, yellow and sky blue color.
    We are taking orders at the moment and planning on fulfilling them by May 2011
    The price of the Black is $960 and the other colors are $1250 dlls.
    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Best Regards,

    Marcela Sepulveda
    345 Powell Street
    San Francisco, CA 94102
    T. 415.398.1110
    F. 415.398.1118
  15. I really didn't keep it/ look at it. I know someone who has this exact bag and given that they are not common where I live, I would feel funny having the same one as her, especially as she had hers first. I am still undecided myself- I either want a clutch, wallet or tote (not all 3 as I already have far too many bags that go unused)
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