New Fidji design?

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  1. Hello everyone!!! I hope you're all having a wonderful summer! Okay so, I remember hearing on various occasions that the Fidji was going to be redesigned or something of that nature....any word on what the new design will be? Or am I just going bonkers and thinking I had read this? lol
    Take care!
  2. ^ I read somewhere that the original Fidji is being discontinued, another bag will be available come September as the replacement but it's not the same as the Fidji, really different in terms of shape and structure.
  3. thanks for the photo, jackie. doesn't it remind you of the LV Poppincourt?
  4. This is the Sac Le Chat I believe.

  5. Oh DAMN!!!! that is gorrrrgeous!!!!!!!! time to add this lovely one to my list, I love this :biggrin: I wonder what the price tag is...

    Thanks for posting the photo and info :smile:
  6. Was just at Goyard in Paris. New bag is called the Grenadine, they are changing the handles and "structure" of the bag via the SA. They have not seen the bag, just pix of the design, will be available in September.
  7. Actually, the Fidji has already been discontinued and they have one sample of the Grenadine and are currently taking orders (@ the store in Paris).
  8. Any idea at the cost of the Grenadine?
  9. Oh okay, I just saw this from a well known blog here so I wanted to share the info. Maybe She didn't get her infos right. Anyway, I am sad that the Fidji is discontinued, it would have been my next target. LOL

    ANy photos of the grenadine?
  10. LOL I saw the photo and thought, Jeez if that's the new Fidji that's a complete overhaul! I'm looking forward to seeing the new design.
  11. I was just in Paris and my friend bought the above bag featured in the picture. It was going for something like €1150 and they only had 10 instore for sale.
  12. Fantastic, thanks :smile:
  13. I can't wait to see it!
  14. I don't think the new bag in the above photos is the Fidji replacement. I was in Goyard London this morning and the gentleman with whom i spoke said the Fidji replacement is similar in shape to the current Fidji but it has more leather around the opening of the bag and the bottom. He said he thinks the bag may have small stud feet.

    London has one Fidji left in stock. It's black with tan leather.

    The new bag in the above photos Is for sale in the London store. There was one on display that arrived yesterday. if I recall correctly, it was about £1100, including VAT.
  15. Thanks Mette!!! :smile:
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