New Ferragamo

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  1. What do you guys think of this? I saw it last week at NM, and it's large, buttery soft, and very slouchy.

  2. I think it's stunning but I don't like the color - does it come in any other?
  3. that s is cute .i think i would rather it be in a rich red color
  4. I comes in black and red.
  5. Not sure I like that one too much.
  6. It's huge but has really nice lines.
  7. too ... long???? i dont know its just not for me
  8. I like this tote better than the hobo version.
  9. It looks really long, but it's incredible slouchy.
  10. I second that...sorry:unsure:
  11. I third that;)
  12. I personally like it. It's different and I like that color, red would be nice too
  13. Not crazy about the zippers.
  14. Ditto.
  15. Not loving it. It seems so long and I don't like the zippers. The leather looks fabulous though. It just doesn't seem like a Ferragamo.