New Ferragamo Messenger in smoshy lamb skin!

  1. Saw this new Salvatore Ferragamo Messenger on display in the store! Its a very smoshy buttery lamb skin! Simply TDF!! Its actually for men, but it looks v unisex. Think I can get if for my husband's bday and I can borrow it too lol. Have u gals seen it? To me, it looks even better than the Balenciaga messenger bag. Its around 1.2K I think. Wat do u gals think? This is the only pic i can find.

  2. Can't see.
  3. I think it could be used by a woman, especially because of the color.
  4. Nice! The only thing that would hold me back is all the logos.
  5. The logos are a bit loud in my opinion too. But u gotta feel that thing, the leather is so buttery!

    The color is v spring, but I think it will be easy to get dirty, I already see some stains in the bag on display. Tat would be the pickle.

    Did anyone else see it in the stores?
  6. If your hubbie can pull it off, I will say go for it. I like the shape of the bag
  7. I may be very old fashioned, but I think men should only carry black or dark brown.