New Fendis to come, but can't decide which. HELP!!!


I Spy this B.Bag

  1. White Linen/Black Patent Leather

  2. Oak Cashmere/Black Velvet

  3. Neither; get two Spies instead

  4. Don't even bother with the Spy or B.Bag

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  1. I've finally decided to update my minuscule Fendi collection and buy a Spy (or two :P) and a B.Bag. I've already decided which Spy I want -- for now -- but I can't decide which B.Bag.

    So here they are:

    White Linen with Black Patent Leather, $1430 :Push:


    Oak Cashmere with Black Velvet Trim, $1700 :wtf:


    So ladies, help me decide which B.Bag to get! I love the contrast between the white linen and black patent leather, but the oak cashmere and black velvet look so plush. Of course, I may eventually get both -- the same way I may end up getting two Spies :graucho: -- but right now I can only afford one of each.
  2. They are both nice, but for me personally, I would choose the White Linen.
  3. i was just wondering if it would be harder to keep the linen or cashmere clean :shrugs:
  4. I was just about to comment on the cleaning bit! I think both would be extremely hard to keep clean and/or lint free. How about the tan leather version with black?
  5. If I was to choose one of the above, it would be the cashmere. I just think that the white linen would be too hard to keep even slightly clean. They are both gorgeous, but for me, the cashmere wins. :love: :smile:
  6. I like the linen as long as it stays clean.
  7. I adore both. The textures must be so plush IRL. That's what I love about Fendi at the moment, they are pushing the design/material boundaries just a little bit more than others IMO.

    I would go for the cashmere. Imagine a cashmere bag in the winter, you'd never get your hands out of it.:heart:

    Which spy bag did you pick BTW?:smile:
  8. i find the tan is a bit too dark for my liking. i like the cashmere and the linen because they're light and they look great with black trim

    White Lambskin, $2075 :wtf:


    my other choice is the Fortuny :love:, but i'd get this one first
  9. Gorgeous babes. Good choice
  10. for anyone who has the B.Bag, how many sizes does it come in? eLuxury says these two are the medium (13.5" x 9"), so are there smaller versions?
  11. I think that both would be extremely hard to keep up, but if I had to choose, it would be the linen, cashmere is too delicate IMO.
  12. i agree with the cleaning problem. and since your spy is white, why not get one in patent leather in another color?
  13. i don't really like the other colors. and i don't really want the entire bag made of patent leather; i find it a bit too flashy.

    i think i'll get the linen one, just because it's easier to take care of :yes:.

    does anyone know if Fendi has a customer service number, like Louis Vuitton's 866? :sos:
  14. Ooh tough choice, but I personally would go with the Cashmere one. The white spy looks gorgeous - great choice on that one!

    Unforunately, Fendi doesn't have an 866 c/s number. :Push:
  15. :huh: oh, but i just saw it in one of my Harper's Bazaar issues.