new fendi...still waiting for the spy

  1. still waiting for a metallic spy...

    meanwhile...feast ur eye in this beauty:love: eventhough the pix r not that good:Push:
    fnd.jpg fnd2.jpg fnd3.jpg
  2. mabroooooooooka dear ...

    it looks so practical .. it is roomy?

    yaaaaaaaay metallic spy coming up :yahoo:
  3. it is....i even used it for the airport...:upsidedown:

    but i cant find a metallic spy anywhere in europe...:crybaby:
    if u find one please do tell...

    thanx for coming:flowers:
  4. Is the metallic spy the gold and silver one if so their is one on ebay 130015637691 or is metallic a different colour. I am still looking for the Petrol spy which I now do not think I am ever going to get, but did pick up a lovely Cherry one.
  5. saich2

    yes im looking for a golden or a silver spy...but im looking to buy it from a boutique not really into ebay..dont have the experience to do that:upsidedown: but thanx anyway...
    can i see ur cherry spy?i guess its lovely...:love:
  6. Hi, The Cherry is really beautiful I tried to add pictures of it but need to srink the pictures to put on here and have no idea how to do that. You just need to be careful on ebay the number I gave you for the gold and silver spy comes from an authentic seller. I have been dealing on ebay for a few years and you just get some experience. Anyway any one find a petrol spy I am still looking.
  7. Here is the Cherry spy number just type it in on ebay and have a look 220026067478
  8. Lovely buy! ^^
  9. saich
    thanx alot for ur help:flowers: ....and the cherry is tdf:drool:

    thanx alot:flowers:
  10. the cherry spy is so nice!
  11. soli .. try Dubai's Boutique, Paris ( where i got my petrol from) .. is great site as well :flowers:
  12. koalaph


    i tried Dubai but there isnt any metalics anymore..:crybaby: i'll try the web site
    thanx alot 7abooba:heart:
  13. Very pretty ... congrats!
  14. luv4bags

    thanx alot :smile: