New Fendi spy out


Sep 4, 2006
I was just looking in the PF General Dis. and saw a thread for a new spy, checked it out and yes their is a New Denim Fendi Spy bag to pre-order on Saks web site.

Looks a really lovely bag - retail $1940 I think
I LOVE IT! I swear, just last night I was wonderin' if they were gonna come out with a dark denim spy cos I looooove dark denim!!!! Fendi's really gonna put me in the poor house. It's bad enough I still want a zucca and now this! How many Spys can a girl have!? I want, like, 14! That's a well rounded number, doncha think? I just want a room full of Spys. I just want to own so many Spy bags, that I can't take two steps without bumpin' into one...:nuts:
Yes this is a really lovely spy will look brilliant in the summer and just think theirs more to come, the leather ones and the limited ones.

Really do need to win the lottery.......
I love this spy but as I have the Petrol leather one I do not think I shall get a denim one, saying that Deco and I was thinking they might bring out a Blueberry spy in leather for spring as thats the colour Fendi seem to be going with, would love it if they do