New Fendi spy out

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  1. I was just looking in the PF General Dis. and saw a thread for a new spy, checked it out and yes their is a New Denim Fendi Spy bag to pre-order on Saks web site.

    Looks a really lovely bag - retail $1940 I think
  2. I LOVE IT! I swear, just last night I was wonderin' if they were gonna come out with a dark denim spy cos I looooove dark denim!!!! Fendi's really gonna put me in the poor house. It's bad enough I still want a zucca and now this! How many Spys can a girl have!? I want, like, 14! That's a well rounded number, doncha think? I just want a room full of Spys. I just want to own so many Spy bags, that I can't take two steps without bumpin' into one...:nuts:
  3. Yes this is a really lovely spy will look brilliant in the summer and just think theirs more to come, the leather ones and the limited ones.

    Really do need to win the lottery.......
  4. does anyone know what colors of the leather they're coming out with?

  5. Should have infor on new Leather ones after the 13th Dec. Sa is ringing me after their Management Fendi meeting to be introduced to new bags.
  6. 1940$ is waaaaay too much for a plain denim :shrugs:
  7. Exactly.
  8. ^I still want the bag..LOL
  9. I love this spy but as I have the Petrol leather one I do not think I shall get a denim one, saying that Deco and I was thinking they might bring out a Blueberry spy in leather for spring as thats the colour Fendi seem to be going with, would love it if they do