New Fendi Spy on Eluxury

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  1. :love: I just saw these 2 new ones up! So thinking maybe some of here's spy lovers might be interested!!! They are quite cute!:love: [​IMG][​IMG]:lol: better grab them fast!
  2. And this Fendi purse which kinda look like bald headed.[​IMG]
  3. I really dont like that bag IT mini:sick:
  4. i love the hologram colour, but i'm not fan of the spy.
  5. i went to order the white spy and it was gone again *sigh*

    the do have the hologram hobo, though...hmm...
  6. The Galleria Fendi store in Houston has the Fendi spy in white, cognac, honey and hologram. I was just there today. They will ship.
  7. They also I have the beige spy too!
  8. I am not so sure about the spy hobos....and the white onez gone
  9. [​IMG]spy hobo this one....I don't know I won't mind if the shape itself but for $855 and only getting the style of the handles like the classic spy....not impressive
  10. ROFL. Bald eagle bag.
  11. ditto :amuse:
  12. ha ha, it does look bald!
  13. The white is already gone.
  14. Someone already adopted this bald headed baby eagle home.:cry: .....:biggrin:
  15. O now thats hideous:sick: .