New Fendi Spy in Black patent leather???

  1. What do you Fendi spy devotees think of the new spy in Black Patent??? Is patent leather just too trendy? I was thinking I might be able to use it more as an everyday since the patent is probably a bit more durable than the lambskin leather bags? What do you think?

  2. although i dont own any spy bag, i think i like the non-patent better. hehe. :smile:
  3. I just bought one from Saks, I had a 10% discount code and a gift card, so that helped bring down the cost. I still haven't carried it yet. I'm not 100% sold. I love it, it's beautiful and edgy, but I'm wondering if I should return it and get something else. That said, I will say it seems to hold it's shape better and does look more durable--also a bit heavier. Some of the SA's in the various stores that have it are really making a big deal over it, so I guess it's really 'the' Spy for the season. Decisions, decisions, decisions......
  4. I like it.
  5. ok gals, I may order it and give it a spin around the house and see what she looks like on...

    I LOVE the shape and weight of the spy bags and love that you can wear it over your shoulder or on your arm (live in Arizona and don't really need coats here).

    Plus, patent never really ever goes OUT of style, it just get's back in the Neimans/Saks/Bergdorf's ad's every few years and patent can really be worn year round in warm weather states!

    I will post pics when she arrives...
  6. I shall be seeing this bag tomorrow and I am very interested to see what its like. I am not a big fan of patent leather but my SA has been raving about this one
  7. I think that patent Spy is absolutely gorgeous! I'd get it in a heartbeat!
  8. i like it mucho.
  9. I agree that it maybe a good bag for everyday usage.
  10. I bought it from Saks and love the really is beautiful...the patent leather is not super shiny. It is more crinkled. It is totally mulitseasonal. Honestly it is so great. You will be able to wear it with everything. I did not want a spy until it came in this style.
  11. I would like this to be my next Spy!

    It's gorgeous! Only saw one briefly and it was fabby!

    Saich - not sure it will meet your bubbly fetish
  12. I saw this spy today, its not for me I'm afraid the bag is very hard and stiff plus it has a crack effect (thats how I describe it) over the bag, I think this is where the leather has been coated to turn it into patent
  13. I went into the Fendi Store over the weekend and found out the Black Patent Spy is coming to Sydney mid June. Everything arrives a lot later down under. I fell in love with it, actually before I knew they have this model I was thinking perhaps I could get it made for me. I have a chocolate spy and I get a bit paranoid that it will get scratched and wear over time. And knowing the patent will be more durable plus I am a big fan of patent. What do girls think of the bag (those that have seen it in person). Well I can see from the replies above, it's 50/50.
  14. I think the patent leather is beautiful, and you're right it will be more durable than the lambskin.