New fendi spy from bloomies F&F event

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  1. Hi gals

    I recently got a white baby fendi spy bag from bloomingdales f&f event :smile:

    I adore it, but i dont think its ME LOL..I may list it in the market place :wacko:
    newspy.jpg fendi spy 004.jpg fendi spy 002.jpg
  2. AWE! ITS SOOOO CUTE! why dont you like? I would buy it from you..but the white wouldnt live in this house with kids!!LOL!
  3. I dont know, its wayy tooo white hahha. And to be really honest with you, it reminds me of a dinosaur.
  4. its really nice, they are such a nice size.
  5. Awww it's adorable and I love the white!! I think you should keep it!!

    :lol: at the dinosaur comment!
  6. It's very cute, I'm sorry that you don't love it.
  7. I had that bag on hold and decided against it. It is adorable but the handles have a reptilian look to them.
  8. It's so cute! But I know what janice meant about the reptile-looking handles
  9. so so so so CUTEEEE
  10. I think the woven handles go well with the bag.
    I saw Spy with smooth handles and they are just not the same.
  11. What a pretty bag!
  12. i think it's a beautiful bag!
  13. It's cute! I'd love a white Spy but I don't think I could deal with the pressure of keeping it clean. :worried: I'm already anal enough as it is with my dark-colored bags!
  14. Great summer bag!:nuts:
  15. LOVE IT!!!:love:
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