NEW FENDI SPY BAGS...yeah or nay??!

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  1. nay ... too busy ...
  2. Oh goodness no, esp. on the first one.

    I saw these on yesterday and thought the second one was alright (kinda cute), but there was no way I would spend that much on it, even if I could.

    and you couldn't pay me to carry the first one :amuse: . sorry if I'm offending any fans.....
  3. I don't like the colors of these bags! I prefer the leather.
  4. Nay.
  5. the fendi spybags are my favorite designer bags, i own three of them.
    i say yeah!!!
  6. nay!!!! the old color still the best
  7. Goodness me this is an old old thread its from May 2006.........
  8. I know... I find it so strange when people bump these two year old threads -- seems like it is usually people who just registered.
  9. I noticed that. They were fugly then and they're still fugly!
  10. These certainly arent new anymore! How do people finds these super old threads??:confused1:

    Well for the sake of staying on topic (?).....

    I dont like the first, but the second isnt bad.
  11. YUK!!!!! X 100 , sorry...
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