NEW FENDI SPY BAGS...yeah or nay??!

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  1. I am a spy bag fan but I vote nay for both.
  2. nay
  3. I am a spy fan (I have one in honey) but I vote Nay for both, there's too much going on on those bags for me!
  4. Nayyyy...with a capital N! :huh:
  5. far as Spy designs go,Fendi should have quit while they were ahead. The inventions are beoming more and more ridiculous...
  6. The second one doesn't bother me, but the canvas for that price is crazy!!!
  7. I was just thinking the same thing...:wacko:
  8. Nay all around for me.
  9. tablecloths are next...or maybe dish towels from around the world.

    They've jumped the shark on the spy's IMO.
  10. :nuts: Greenie, you're a RIOT ... :biggrin: !!!!

    Was the first one supposed to be for Easter ... looked like an Easter Basket with eggs to me ... VERDICT = NO!

    The second one - White Canvas (oh man, will this get dirty fast), and the price?!?!?!!??! ... VERDICT = NO!


  11. Nay!! The first one looks like it's covered with those little swimming amoebas that you seen when you look under a microscope...

  12. nay for both!
  13. Nay. I think Fendi is starting to go overboard w/all these patterns for the Spy bag.
  14. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Big nay for me!
  15. No too these. I think they're making too many Spy bags now.